How long does it take to set up?
Typically to set up the machine it will take 10-15 minutes.

How much room do I need for the booth?
The booth is compact 16x22x72″ and can be put almost anywhere. All we need is a power outlet.

How far will you travel?
We will travel from Mobile to Destin with a travel fee.

Can you make Enlargements?
Yes we can do anything you want.

How many print layouts can we choose from?
Most photo booths offer a few different print layouts to choose from prior to your event. Meaning, when you select your layout (Strip Pictures or 4×6) that will be the only print you get during your event.

We have taken it to the next level and give the user 5 of the most popular print layouts to choose from while at the event. If a guest only wants a single 4×6 print we have that or if they want double strips they can select that too. Everything is on the screen and easy for them to choose. We know how everyone’s tastes are different and that is why we have so much to offer.

Will my guests be able to upload their photo’s to facebook?
Yes. Our photo’s are uploaded online to a web gallery under the “Event Photos” tab on our website. We then share them on our Facebook page. Your guests will be able to download, print or upload pictures to Facebook within 24 – 48 hours after the event. Images are hosted online for 2 years.

Does your booth print color or black and white photos?
Our equipment can print either black and white or color. It is completely up to each guest as they enter the booth!

Do you offer Scrapbook Service?
Absolutely! Scrapbook can be purchased as an A La Carte item.

Do you provide me with a digital copy of all images taken at my event?
Yes. You will get a digital copy of every photo, as well as each individual picture.

Does your company offer props?
YES! Props add a bit of fun to an already great time. We have hats, glasses, wigs, masks, boa’s, chalk boards and more…

Can you print a logo on our photos?
Absolutely! Every event gets a premium designed photo. Turning your photos into instant party/wedding favors.

How many people can fit in the picture?
We have seen as many as 43 people fit into the picture. But comfortably 8-10 would be the max. However, we can move the back curtain to allow for as many guests as you would like to get in the picture.

More to come….